Our factory floor proven drying ovens are custom built to your specific needs. All aluminum framing construction, properly insulated and double access doors. We can supply our ovens with sheet carts. Hot circulating air is provided by a belt driven New York blower and finned heaters. Our ovens will reach 300 degrees Fahrenheit, polycarbonate usually dries at 180 degrees and abs at 140 degrees Fahrenheit. Each oven incorporates solid state relays to control heaters and an automation direct plc to provide accurate control of the system.


  • All aluminum framing construction
  • Properly insulated
  • Double access doors
  • Belt-driven New York Blower
  • Reaches 300 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Easy to use touch screen operator interface, to see detailed operation instructions please go to our manuals section
  • All our ovens are covered by 1-year limited warranty.

Another factory-floor-proven SIBE Automation system.

We build them small and we build them large!