Air connection: In the back of the machine, besides the electrical cabinet there is a filter regulator, you connect your air supply to it, maintain at all times an air pressure not less than 60 PSI.

Electrical connection: open the main electrical cabinet, on the top left-hand side, there is a power distribution block, connect to it your 220 volts 20 amps single phase power supply before you turn power on to the machine check the following:

  1. The transformer on the bottom right-hand side of the cabinet is wired correctly, meaning 220 volts going in, 120 going out.
  2. On the side of the main electrical cabinet there are three selector switches, on-off with their corresponding indicating lights. The top one turns power on to the machine, the second downturns on the heaters, the third downturns on the vacuum pump.

To test the machine, make sure air is connected, Turn on the power on selector switch (top one). In the front electrical box, there are a series of pushbutton operators: The start one sends the clamping frame into the oven, once your material is heated press the stop button and the frame will return to the forming area in the front. Once the clamping frame is in the front of the machine, press the up button and the frame with the vacuum box will raise. Once it is up, press the vacuum button and the vacuum will come on forming your part, once you feel the part is formed you can turn the fans on to assist in the cooling of the part, when forming and cooling is done press the air button, this will turn the vacuum off and give a blast of air to assist the part release from the mold, then press the down button and you have completed the cycle. In the front of the main electrical enclosure, there is a small air regulator, this controls the amount of pressure that will go to the vacuum box to release the part from the mold.

We shipped the machine with a vacuum box already mounted. Your machine has multiple independently controlled heating zones, each zone is controlled by an infinite switch, these switches are mounted on top of the main electrical enclosure, the off position of the switches is when the off mark on the switches is facing towards the heaters. To increase or decrease the temperature of the heaters, first press the knob downwards and then turn heaters are usually set to 60%, the individual zones let you adjust the heat to your particular part heat requirements. It takes about 20 minutes for the heaters to reach operating temperature.