4 heating zones with touch screen operator interface

The operator interface includes the following operating modes: manual, set up, automatic.

While on manual mode, all the operators are active.

In set up mode, center position, the bottom platen up can be jogged up with the up operator and can be jogged down with the down operator. In set up mode, the start and stop operators are disabled. The speed at which the platen moves is controlled by speed controls located at the corresponding ports of the air cylinder.

In manual mode, by pressing the start operator, the clamping frame will move into the oven and will stay there until the stop or the emergency operators are depressed or the heating timer has timed out. The bottom platen will travel upwards by pressing the up operator once. By pressing it twice, the vacuum will come on. Press it a third time and the fan will activate.

In manual mode, to lower the bottom platen, press the down operator. The machine will first give a blast of air eject into the mold and then the platen will lower. The platen will also lower by pressing the emergency operator.

The air pressure of the air eject is controlled by the pressure regulator located on the vacuum-air tree under the platen

In automatic mode, the machine will go through a complete cycle according to the times set on the touchscreen interface by pressing the start operator. By pressing the emergency operator the cycle will stop and the clamping frame will come out of the oven. If the emergency operator is activated while the clamping frame is out of the oven the platens will go down.

The touchscreen interface controls both the settings of the different functions as well as the percentage settings of the 4 different heating zones.

Heating: controls the amount of time that the clamping frame will stay in the oven.

Current: an up timer that displays the running time that the clamp frame is in the oven.

Bottom delay: tells the bottom platen when to rise once the clamping frame has come out of the oven into the forming station.

Bottom up: controls the amount of time that the bottom platen will stay in the up position.

Bottom vacuum delay: tells the bottom vacuum when to start once the clamping frame has come out of the oven.

Bottom air: controls the amount of time that the bottom air eject valve will stay open. This function gets activated once the forming timer has timed out. Once the bottom air timer times out, the platen will lower. This is true for both manual and automatic cycles.

Parts: this counts how many times the clamping frame has gone into the oven. To reset it to zero, press the bottom platen down and frame out push buttons at the same time.

Bottom travel: this timer controls the amount of time that the bottom travel will travel downwards.

Parts cooling: this timer controls when the fan will come on once the forming has started. Fan goes off automatically at the end of the cycle once the bottom platen has lowered.

Mold cooling: this timer tells the fan in automatic mode how long it will stay on while the frame is in the oven, be sure to set the timer at a number smaller than the one set at heating

Bot vacuum: controls the amount of time that the bottom vacuum valve will stay open, this setting should be less than the bottom up setting

Heat zone 1 thru 4 controls the percentage timing of each heater zone.

Please refer to the oven layout to determine how each timer controls a different zone.