For shipping purposes, we removed the cooling fan. You can reinstall it at the front rail that supports the top heaters. You will see that there are two Allen screws. We also removed the top cylinder. We left a mark on the top of the frame to show the location and also you will find the securing screws. After you have placed the cylinder secure the rod to the center plate of the top platen and also connect the two blue airlines, short to bottom, long to top.

Air connection: In the back of the machine, besides the electrical cabinet, there is a filter regulator. You connect your air supply to it. Maintain at all times air pressure no less than 60 PSI.

Electrical connection: open the main electrical cabinet, on the top right-hand side, there is a power distribution block. Connect it to your 220 volts single phase power supply. Before you turn power on to the machine check the following:

  1. The transformer on the bottom right-hand side of the cabinet is wired correctly, meaning high voltage going in, 120 going out.
  2. On the side of the main electrical cabinet, there are three selector switches, on-off with their corresponding indicating lights. The top one turns power on to the machine, the second downturns on the heaters, the third downturns on the vacuum pump.

To test the machine, make sure the air is connected. Turn on the power on selector switch (top one).

To test the rotation of the vacuum pump, briefly turn on the third selector switch (Vacuum pump on). On top of the pump, there is a vacuum gauge. The needle of the gauge should move up, counterclockwise. If the needle does not move please give us a call.